We recently updated AXIS with new functionality intended to provide rating companies, HERS providerships, QA organizations, and program sponsors the ability to track a variety of data helpful in managing their operations. AXIS now supports the ability for organizations to manage the accreditation/credentialing of their personnel, track training courses and credits on a per-user basis, and monitor the number of ratings performed by each rater/verifer, modeler, or rating field inspector. Equipment and calibration records can now be tracked on a per-company basis as well. New functionality for HERS providerships and QA organizations includes the ability to assign a letter or numerical grade to file and/or field QA performed, enabling oversight organizations to easily identify individuals needing additional mentoring or training. Lastly, we've updated the scheduling functionality to enable tasks such as inspections to be easily scheduled on a per-home basis and provided methods to view schedules and manage tasks on a per-user and per-company basis.

For registered AXIS users, training videos of the new functionality will be available soon on the AXIS support site. For questions or to learn more about AXIS and how it can be used to support your organization, contact us directly.

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